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How You Can Ditch Anxiety In Minutes!

HOW TO STOP BEING ANXIOUS Anxiety and worry is probably the most common problem there is out there. If you are feeling anxious and are worrying today. I want you to do something for me… This is one very specific way of instantly change your state of mind as I once learned by Tony Robbins. […]


MEET YOUR SPIRITUAL GUIDES Many have asked me how to connect with one’s spiritual guides, so, heres an exercise to meet them! Spiritual guides has always been a popular subject, maybe because the mystery behind the spirit world, the thrill of thinking about the unlimited knowledge they can provide you, or the fact that you […]

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Five effective ways to nurture your mind 

YOUR MIND IS YOUR HOME We spend a lot of our time in our head and mind. We think, analyze and solve problems. We think 70000 thoughts per day, that’s 3000 thoughts per hour and just under one per second. Your brain is static and can be trained. This is an area you can strength […]

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Don’t quit

“I quit.” Two words that have been popping up in my head about once a week for as long as I can remember. When I got my disease arthritic rheumatism. When I was too sick to walk up the stairs to get my kids from kindergarten. When I had to move because of work. When […]

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Praying for our wishes

We have all had times when we tried to contact a higher power for help, sometimes to solve a problem.   We are often seeking help when we don’t know which way to choose or just wishes we have that we want to be fulfilled. Some prayers are big while some are just small daily […]

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How to open your third eye chakra

Here is an exercise on how you can open up your third eye, so you can get connected with your intuition. Everyone is different but this works perfectly fine for me. 1) Prepare yourself as you do for a normal meditation. You can use a crystal/gemstone for this chakra to make it stronger. Also ask […]

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Reikie shines light over our spiritual journey

Reiki does not itself tell you what to do or what path to walk. But it shines a light over the truth, make you connected with your higher self and enables you to see the bigger picture. When you get in touch with your higher self it will be easier to receive messages from your […]

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Mindfulness in everyday life When you manage to live mindfulness in everyday life, you get extraordinary results. You raise your energy and are more able to develop your spiritual abilities You reduce stress and increase your ability to selfheal. You get the power to control your life and your reactions to everyday situations. Beside daily […]

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How are you feeling today?

We are not our feelings but we are ruled by them. Feelings are a very “charged subject”. Many people have a very hard time to talk about their own feelings and emotions. It’s easier to say that everything is ok. This goes especially for feelings such as anger, jealousy, depression and anxiety. Those feelings relate […]