How You Can Ditch Anxiety In Minutes!


Anxiety and worry is probably the most common problem there is out there.

If you are feeling anxious and are worrying today. I want you to do something for me…

This is one very specific way of instantly change your state of mind as I once learned by Tony Robbins.

Positive affirmations are our mental vitamins and manifest positive thoughts into the universe. But, affirmations aren’t always enough. We are often told that to change our feelings, we just need to change our mind. But that isn’t the whole truth.

Emotions is created by motion.

The number one way to change the way you feel and your state of mind right now, is to change your body, the way you move.

The way you move your physical body, is the fastest way to change your emotions.

If I said to there is a totally depressed person outside your door right now. And for a hundred thousand dollars, you should guess the body posture of this person, you would probably give me an accurate answer…

Most people would say this person is slumped over and has a shallow breathing. Where is this persons head and ayes? Most people would say down. And where is this persons facial expressions, are the muscles and face-pull up and tight, or down and slack? Again most people will say slack…

You know what that means?
– That you associate this posture and movement with depression.
So when you yourself has this this body posture, was signals will this send to your brain?
– That you are depressed.

So I want you to do this for me right now if you feel down…

Stand up tall right now, breathing fully and relax in your shoulders, let them fall down.

Look up at your ceiling, still standing tall breathing slow and fully.

What I want you to do right now is something really ridiculous. Put a HUGE  silly smile on your face.

Nobody is noticing you, you’re by yourself so don’t cheat, put a huge and silly smile on your face and look up in the ceiling.

Now what I want you to do, is while keeping this position without changing your facial expression, try feeling depresses and down.

It’s pretty hard isn’t it?

How come that it’s harder feeling depressed standing tall with a big grin on your face?

The answer is because you are sending a totally different message to your brain.

The way we move our facial muscles, the way we gesture, the way we physically walk, the pace at which we talk, determine how we feel in any given moment.

If you don’t like the way you’re feeling, and you´re telling yourself “I feel good I feel good I feel good”, your brain won’t believe you, thats simply not enough.

You also need to change the way you are moving.

Love and light,






Many have asked me how to connect with one’s spiritual guides, so, heres an exercise to meet them!

Spiritual guides has always been a popular subject, maybe because the mystery behind the spirit world, the thrill of thinking about the unlimited knowledge they can provide you, or the fact that you have someone watching out for you with unconditional love, that you are not alone.


I love teaching about spiritual guides and I could write a whole book on this subject! (Maybe I should?)


You can do this exercise without experience in healing or Reiki. It’s an easy meditation I once learned from famous medium Rebecca Rosen.


What you will need: Fifteen minutes and a comfortable place to sit or lay down, where you can be fully relaxed and undisturbed, if you have little experience in getting into a meditative state, start by doing a small meditation to calm your mind. Enjoy!

Five effective ways to nurture your mind 

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We spend a lot of our time in our head and mind. We think, analyze and solve problems. We think 70000 thoughts per day, that’s 3000 thoughts per hour and just under one per second.
Your brain is static and can be trained. This is an area you can strength by feeding it with positive affirmations and thoughts. Give your thoughts nurture.

“Rule your mind or it will rule you”

The space and your environment that you’re living within yourself shall be your castle to care for. Choose your inner world to be a peaceful and lovable place, so that your daily life and environment is one to enjoy.
It’s so easy to fall back in old habits and thought patterns.

How to train your mind:

1) Positive affirmations.
This is so important. If you forget to tell yourself positive affirmations I recommend you to write 5 affirmations down and put it on your bathroom mirror to read every time you visit the bathroom.

2) Meditation or healing.
Try practicing every day, for this time, is the only time your brain has, to rest. Even 5 minutes is great. Once you start, you´ll never want to finish.

3) Laughing.
Laugh as much as you can. Laughter releases blockings and tensed muscles in your body. Then automatically when you laugh endorphins flows in your brain and you start to think more positively.

4) Happiness
Do as much as you can of the things that makes you happy. It can be meeting inspiring people, cooking healthy food or take a walk in nature.

5) Education
Educate yourself in this topic and other similar topics. The more you educate yourself, the more you understand the importance of this and how you easily can live the life of your dreams. You don’t need to attend classes if you don’t want to, to get knowledge. Searching on the internet, reading books or be a member in Facebook groups are as giving and stimulating as anything.

Don’t quit

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“I quit.”

Two words that have been popping up in my head about once a week for as long as I can remember.

When I got my disease arthritic rheumatism.

When I was too sick to walk up the stairs to get my kids from kindergarten.

When I had to move because of work.

When you seem to struggle with everything, when the weights aren’t coming up as easily, when you’re trying so hard but feel like getting nowhere.

Dead end jobs, uncontrolled emotions, relationships, behavior. We’ve all been there.

Things can get tough. The idea of just retreating within ourself can be tempting.

Years back, I thought of quitting everything. I had no connection with my higher self, no perspectives and no feeling of self-worth.

The life I wanted to build had started to feel like a far-fetched dream I could never turn into reality. At times, I just wanted to leave it all behind.

But the I realized:
“I’m on the bottom right now, I cannot go anywhere but up.”

I used the bottom to bounce back up again.

life doesn’t happen in linear ways. Life is a rollercoaster but somehow we stumble in the right direction.

I didn’t quit my life.

Instead, I quit toxic friends, bad habits and negative thinking.

Persistence is about imagining the light at the end of the tunnel when everything is pitch black. Sometimes it takes quitting what is holding you back to see it.

It’s okay to feel like you want to quit.

If you never feel like quitting, your life is too easy.

Praying for our wishes

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We have all had times when we tried to contact a higher power for help, sometimes to solve a problem.


We are often seeking help when we don’t know which way to choose or just wishes we have that we want to be fulfilled.

Some prayers are big while some are just small daily prayers.

I myself talk to my angels every day. I ask for small daily things like;

“please make my day as good as it can be”, or “please watch over my family”.  I always ask my angels for protection and guidance when I practice healing. When I’m sick, I ask for a fast healing and when I have problems I ask for directions.

But I haven’t always spoken to my angels. Earlier I didn’t know how to do it or how I would know if they answered. And many people agrees with me on that.



How do we do it?

Angels are around us all the time or available all the time. You can ask whenever you want to or how many times you want to. Angels are here to help us, but they don’t interfere in our lives without us asking. The only time they interfere is when saving our lives during a big accident, because it was not our time to die.

Even when you ask it’s hard to know when you will get help or what they say to us big signs for example. Signs can be shown in clouds, in nature, by music on the radio and so on. I personally think it’s easier to ask for help before bedtime and see the signs in my dreams.


Here is one way to do it:

  1. If you can and you are not in public among other people, put your hands into gassho or praying position.
  2. Ask your angels and arch angels or whatever you believe in for a special problem or wish. Specify what kind of help you want, with as many details as you can, and when you want it to come true.
  3. Thank the angels for listening and for helping. Don’t ever forget to thank.

Wait for signs, dreams, or for the help to be fulfilled.

When it’s finished, thank them again.


The angels will always listen to you and help you. They understand everything you say, and try to communicate with you in a way that you will understand. If you are into reiki healing you can try to send healing to them for better contact and understanding.

Good luck!


How to give yourself light and energy on a dark rainy day

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A lot of people are being affected by the weather. A dark rainy day can make you feel tired and even depressed. Not all of us live in a country where the sun shines continuously most of the days of a year. And if you are one of the many people that gets very affected and don’t know what to do, here is one easy practicing

1. Begin by sitting down In a comfortable position and relax. Close your eyes and inhale and exhale for a couple of minutes. Feel the calmness wash over you.

2. Visualize that you are surrounded by a shell where nothing can pass through. No negative energies, no stress and no bad weather.

3. Imagine that the sun is shining a bright warm light within your shell. Feel the sun and the summer. Inhale the light and the warmth. Relish in that moment the good energies

4. Sit for as long as you wish with this satisfactory feeling. Think happy thoughts. Tell yourself; I’m shield and protected, nothing can no longer affect me.

5. Now you can open your eyes and keep that feeling.

You can do this when you are in need of it and as often as you want to, wherever you are.

What do you do when the weather or surroundings affect you?
Please share in the comment so we can help each other out.

May you have a bright and shiny day

How to open your third eye chakra

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Here is an exercise on how you can open up your third eye, so you can get connected with your intuition. Everyone is different but this works perfectly fine for me.

1) Prepare yourself as you do for a normal meditation. You can use a crystal/gemstone for this chakra to make it stronger. Also ask your guides and angels to help you with this meditation.

2) Slightly rub your third eye chakra with your finger, this will start the energy flow in the area, around 30 s, until you feel activity and connection.

3) Visualize a big bright indigo light that radiates from your third chakra.

4) Place your palm open and circle three ways counter clockwise in front of your third eye chakra and visualize a flower open up slowly, now you open the chakra. If you have minimum Reiki level 2 you can use CKR in your palms and heal your chakra for a few seconds.
Now your third eye should be open and in your favor.

5) Try to sit for at least 15 minutes and let pictures, feelings, sounds or smells come to you and feel in your surroundings.

6) When you’re finished, disconnect and protect your chakra as you prefer. Not shutting it off, just close it. For example turn your palm three times clockwise in front of your third eye chakra and visualize the flower close. If you have level 2 or higher, you use symbol CKR and heal it for as long as you feel necessary.

Thank the guides or angels for their help.

Reikie shines light over our spiritual journey

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Reiki does not itself tell you what to do or what path to walk.
But it shines a light over the truth, make you connected with your higher self and enables you to see the bigger picture.

When you get in touch with your higher self it will be easier to receive messages from your spiritual guides and angels as well.

Your outer journey may contain a million steps, but your inner journey only has one. Just starting to be aware of your spiritual journey is the first step for you. That is step you are taking right now, reading about it.

There’s a lot of fear for many people, connected with the inner journey because it penetrates our illusions. Taking the inner journey will lead you into some very hidden places. You’re going to learn positive things about yourself that you never thought  was inside of you. Reiki fasten the up the speed of this journey. Gives you inner peace and the great ability to trust life and to trust yourself.



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Mindfulness in everyday life

When you manage to live mindfulness in everyday life, you get extraordinary results. You raise your energy and are more able to develop your spiritual abilities
You reduce stress and increase your ability to selfheal. You get the power to control your life and your reactions to everyday situations.
Beside daily practice of meditation, daily practice of mindfulness is as important as eating and sleeping. It is like everything else hard in the beginning but once you have learnt it, it’s as easy as idling a bike. And it’s never too late to begin practicing it 

Mindfulness is to inject every action and every moment with conscious presence. Trying to focus as far as possible in every moment, in every thought and in every feeling. When we focus in an action like sipping our tea or chewing our food, we allow our mind to rest in the moment.

How to practice mindfulness:
• Walk really slowly and feel the ground under your feet
• Smell the food and chew very slowly, inhale and exhale before you take another bite.
• Brush your teeth with the other hand and concentrate on every tooth
• Lock the door with the wrong hand
• Stop in the moment and focus your attention on the surroundings, of what you see and feel
• Wash the dishes with the wrong hand, smell the soap and feel the temperature of the water

How are you feeling today?

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We are not our feelings but we are ruled by them.
Feelings are a very “charged subject”. Many people have a very hard time to talk about their own feelings and emotions. It’s easier to say that everything is ok. This goes especially for feelings such as anger, jealousy, depression and anxiety. Those feelings relate to shame and weakness.

We have 9 ground-feelings:
• Joy
• Interest
• Curiousness
• Fear
• Anger
• Sadness
• Abhorrence
• Disgust
• Shame/guilt

These feelings are congenital and not learnt. They are with us even at and infancy are the same for all cultures. Other remaining feelings are learnt and made of the ground-feelings.
We are raised to express feelings as happiness and joy. But often we have other feelings too. Because many people don’t show or talk about negative feelings, we think we’re alone in this. But I can promise you that everyone on this earth have the same feelings you do.
One reason, that people don’t talk about feelings other than happiness is, that they are so afraid of being rejected and end up alone. But when you start to show your feelings and talk about them you automatically get better relations. Your emotions make you beautiful and alive. When you’re open and honest people begin to trust you. And you make them feel safe, to show and talk about their emotions.
Showing emotions makes you grow as a person. It helps you understand yourself and makes it easier for you to find out what you want and make decisions.

What makes you happy or sad? Learn to know yourself now. At the end of the day you feel happier. You are greeted with empathy, recognition and sympathy.
You are going to feel a communion and solidarity upon confirmation.
It makes you feel less alone.

Dare to say “I am not perfect and I do not demand perfection from others either”.
Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself