Believing in spirituality

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Believing in spirituality
When you believe in spirituality you will see it or feel it or even hear it.
Even though many people tend to twist that around.
The reason children are so good in seeing magic, is because they look for it.
Put your trust in the universe and you will get access to the fountain of spiritual wisdom

I began to se spirits when I was a young child. I saw older men that I talked to and as I didn’t understand spirits I was sure it was santa  I was quite old when I stopped believing in santa, 10 years old in fact . But because no one believed in me and no one believed in santa I pushed my abilities away. For years I didn’t think of spirituality other than true dreams. I never stopped dreaming true dreams so I went to the library reading all there was about dreams and how to interpret them.
Then when I got older and had my children I started to see spirits again because then I was ready. And all experiences from my childhood past came back to me and I remembered and believed again. It must have been my kids that reminded me
Ever since, my abilities have just kept growing and growing.