Colors meanings and influence


Every day we make choices about colors. We are all drawn to different colors. Sometimes we don’t even realize that we choose the same color every day.
That can be a choice of which color of clothes you wear today or which color you buy your apple or pepper in. It can be which color you choose for your soap or your towels or decorations in your home

Colors have healing powers that can help treat and prevent diseases, or correct any imbalances within your body. Crystals have the same affect with their color property . Even blind people are affected by color, as their bodies can still register the impact of its energy at a cellular level

Why you are drawn to a specific color depends on what you need or what color your aura is in.
Colors you want can of course change from one day to another, depending on your mood of the day. But you can see over time that some colors a special to you

Right now I’m drawn to yellow. I want yellow for everything. I like to draw my paintings in yellow and I like yellow flowers among many things.
I even spent my weekend out in the Swedish yellow rapsfält inhaling and taking photos.
Yellow has to do with your solar plexus chakra and that is my weak point. Yellow color also is associated with creativity and spirituality.
Different colors respond to different chakras.