Daily reiki routine

My best daily routine is to give myself healing every day.  I try to do it the same time every day, but if that can’t be done I do it another time that day.

The procedure:

  • I start light a candle, mostly white
  • I open the window to get some fresh air
  • I turn on quiet healing music
  • I clean the room with the reiki symbol CKR and an incense stick
  • I cleanse myself with the stick
  • I load the room with energies using all six reiki symbols, one symbol for one wall
  • I close the window
  • I place out my crystals I want to use
  • I open up my chakras one by one, both with my vision and witch my hand circling three rows counterclockwise
  • Now I start doing reiki


To become one with your higher self, you have to find inner peace and fulfillment in life.

Good routines is a must.

As Aristotele said, “quality is not an act, it’s a habit”.