Don’t worry – a quick fix guide


To worry is like swinging.
It gives you something to do but does not lead you anywhere.

Worrying is a very common feeling that everyone can identify themselves with. People worry more or less, but these days insecurity and worries accompany us and take up most of our time.
One big thing that feeds our negativity is the media. It’s constantly streaming out bad news and makes us compare our lives with others.
So it is no wonder that our mind has a lot to deal with, selecting all this information and impressions that greet us every time of the day and what to do with it. It results to the mind getting stressed and you begin to worry about all these small unimportant problems like what to cook for dinner etc.
And when you begin to worry over these simple things people always finds it easy to say you shouldn’t worry. But how can one just stop worrying?

How is that to be done when we’re only human? Some worries are really strong and are almost impossible to lose while some are everyday worries that you can learn to handle, or even get rid of completely. But it’s important not to forget that some worries are good for you because they won’t let you take unnecessary challenges, like walking over the street looking at your phone instead of the dangerous traffic.

I always speak warmly about meditation. Meditation puts everything into a perspective of common sense. It takes away that small and little worries you have. Training yoga or chi gong is also a good active action to stop worrying.

Since I stopped looking at news and unnecessary social media, I have so much more time on my hands. Time that I use to improve my life. The worries drain you and take so much of your precious time. Instead I spend time with for example people that gives me energy and makes me a better version of myself.


Another method is this little quick fix below:

  1. And breathe with your stomach. Put a hand on your stomach so that you can feel it moving while breathing.
  2. Inhale slowly and think to yourself “I calm my body”
    Hold your breath for as long feels comfortable, but try to do this slowly.
  3. Exhale and think to yourself “I smile”
  4. After a while when you feel finished tell yourself that this is a wonderful moment


Worrying doesn’t take away tomorrows troubles. It only takes away todays peace. Today’s peace is very important for you not to get into a negative vicious circle. When you worry, you just stop yourself from enjoying the moment. The things you worry about doesn’t disappear.

Rule your mind, or it will rule you..