How to close your chakras

Your chakras are your spiritual and and vital life force energy centers.

Here is a quick guide to everyone how you can close you’re chackras, so you don’t have to feel in others energies and let them drain you. This will give you much more energy in your everyday life 🌼

1) take three deep breaths and relax

2) you have seven main chakras in your body. Think of them as lotus flowers. If yo want you can think of them as the color of each chakra.

3) if you have Reiki level 2 write the symbol CKR in your palm and if you are a master write the master energy symbol in your hand.
If you don’t have reiki its ok it will work well anyway.

4) put your palm in front of your root chakra. You shall always start from the bottom. Move your hand clockwise three turns and visualize the flower slowly closes. Let it take som time and feel in your chakra.

5) do the same at the rest of the chakras and finish with the crown chakra.

6) put your hands together in a prayer pose in front of your heart chakra. Rub your hands for a couple of seconds. Open the hands and gently blow at them.

7) now if you want to feel extra closed and protected you can visualize that you have a shell of light around you

This is only one method. There are many other ways too.