How to quick cleanse your aura from negative energies in 20 seconds

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Your aura is to be taken care of regularly.

Just as regularly as eating or brushing your teeth. You don’t want to restore bad energies that is affecting your body, mind and soul. But sometimes you need to quickly rinse the energies of your aura when something suddenly occurs. It can  be an argument, stress or an environment that affects you badly. You want to cleanse your aura fast in almost any place. Since you need some privacy this can for example be done in the bathroom. It only takes 20 seconds.


  1. Stand up.
    Take your middle finger and your ring finger also called “psycic fingers” with both hands and place them on your forehead. Pull them slowly with a light pressure back to your neck and then forward over your head again, over your face, down your chest, stomach and legs ending with the top of your toes. Don’t lose your grip during this whole process. When stopping on your toes, let the grip go and shake your hands three times in the air in front of you. Let the fingers get a little snatch in the shake.


  1. Take the middle finger and the ring finger of your left hand and place them on the right side of your neck and slightly pull them over your right shoulder and arm and continue over the fingers. Shake off the energies of your left hand three times. Do the same with your right hand over your left arm starting from the neck.


  1. Place the same fingers of both hands as far up on the back as you can reach. Pull them down over your back and down on the back side of your legs, and under your feet one at the time. Shake the energies of both hands three times.
    Now you’re finished and can enjoy your clean good energies. This can be repeated as often as you want to.