Sleeping problems
Many people suffer from insomnia. That can be very stressful which makes it even harder to fall asleep.
To break the circle you can try this exercise
It’s a breathing and counting exercise.
Count backwards.

When you do this it makes it easier for you to let go of your thoughts and come to rest.
Notice the power of your thoughts
Begin counting quietly backwards from 199
Say “100” when breathing in,
and “99” when breathing out
Continue and count down to zero.
Do it slowly.
Proceed until you fall asleep or start all over again.
If your attention walks away, notice it and then continue where you were.
This I have tried and it has helped me a lot some periods. When counting backwards, my thoughts are stilled and I stop thinking.

If you are really stressed you can take a relaxing bath before you go to bed.
If you have Reiki level 2 or more you can write the energy symbols on your bed.

Good luck
Wish you a wonderful day and a night with sweet dreams