Praying for our wishes

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We have all had times when we tried to contact a higher power for help, sometimes to solve a problem.


We are often seeking help when we don’t know which way to choose or just wishes we have that we want to be fulfilled.

Some prayers are big while some are just small daily prayers.

I myself talk to my angels every day. I ask for small daily things like;

“please make my day as good as it can be”, or “please watch over my family”.  I always ask my angels for protection and guidance when I practice healing. When I’m sick, I ask for a fast healing and when I have problems I ask for directions.

But I haven’t always spoken to my angels. Earlier I didn’t know how to do it or how I would know if they answered. And many people agrees with me on that.



How do we do it?

Angels are around us all the time or available all the time. You can ask whenever you want to or how many times you want to. Angels are here to help us, but they don’t interfere in our lives without us asking. The only time they interfere is when saving our lives during a big accident, because it was not our time to die.

Even when you ask it’s hard to know when you will get help or what they say to us big signs for example. Signs can be shown in clouds, in nature, by music on the radio and so on. I personally think it’s easier to ask for help before bedtime and see the signs in my dreams.


Here is one way to do it:

  1. If you can and you are not in public among other people, put your hands into gassho or praying position.
  2. Ask your angels and arch angels or whatever you believe in for a special problem or wish. Specify what kind of help you want, with as many details as you can, and when you want it to come true.
  3. Thank the angels for listening and for helping. Don’t ever forget to thank.

Wait for signs, dreams, or for the help to be fulfilled.

When it’s finished, thank them again.


The angels will always listen to you and help you. They understand everything you say, and try to communicate with you in a way that you will understand. If you are into reiki healing you can try to send healing to them for better contact and understanding.

Good luck!