How to open your third eye chakra

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Here is an exercise on how you can open up your third eye, so you can get connected with your intuition. Everyone is different but this works perfectly fine for me.

1) Prepare yourself as you do for a normal meditation. You can use a crystal/gemstone for this chakra to make it stronger. Also ask your guides and angels to help you with this meditation.

2) Slightly rub your third eye chakra with your finger, this will start the energy flow in the area, around 30 s, until you feel activity and connection.

3) Visualize a big bright indigo light that radiates from your third chakra.

4) Place your palm open and circle three ways counter clockwise in front of your third eye chakra and visualize a flower open up slowly, now you open the chakra. If you have minimum Reiki level 2 you can use CKR in your palms and heal your chakra for a few seconds.
Now your third eye should be open and in your favor.

5) Try to sit for at least 15 minutes and let pictures, feelings, sounds or smells come to you and feel in your surroundings.

6) When you’re finished, disconnect and protect your chakra as you prefer. Not shutting it off, just close it. For example turn your palm three times clockwise in front of your third eye chakra and visualize the flower close. If you have level 2 or higher, you use symbol CKR and heal it for as long as you feel necessary.

Thank the guides or angels for their help.


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Mindfulness in everyday life

When you manage to live mindfulness in everyday life, you get extraordinary results. You raise your energy and are more able to develop your spiritual abilities
You reduce stress and increase your ability to selfheal. You get the power to control your life and your reactions to everyday situations.
Beside daily practice of meditation, daily practice of mindfulness is as important as eating and sleeping. It is like everything else hard in the beginning but once you have learnt it, it’s as easy as idling a bike. And it’s never too late to begin practicing it 

Mindfulness is to inject every action and every moment with conscious presence. Trying to focus as far as possible in every moment, in every thought and in every feeling. When we focus in an action like sipping our tea or chewing our food, we allow our mind to rest in the moment.

How to practice mindfulness:
• Walk really slowly and feel the ground under your feet
• Smell the food and chew very slowly, inhale and exhale before you take another bite.
• Brush your teeth with the other hand and concentrate on every tooth
• Lock the door with the wrong hand
• Stop in the moment and focus your attention on the surroundings, of what you see and feel
• Wash the dishes with the wrong hand, smell the soap and feel the temperature of the water

How to quick cleanse your aura from negative energies in 20 seconds

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Your aura is to be taken care of regularly.

Just as regularly as eating or brushing your teeth. You don’t want to restore bad energies that is affecting your body, mind and soul. But sometimes you need to quickly rinse the energies of your aura when something suddenly occurs. It can  be an argument, stress or an environment that affects you badly. You want to cleanse your aura fast in almost any place. Since you need some privacy this can for example be done in the bathroom. It only takes 20 seconds.


  1. Stand up.
    Take your middle finger and your ring finger also called “psycic fingers” with both hands and place them on your forehead. Pull them slowly with a light pressure back to your neck and then forward over your head again, over your face, down your chest, stomach and legs ending with the top of your toes. Don’t lose your grip during this whole process. When stopping on your toes, let the grip go and shake your hands three times in the air in front of you. Let the fingers get a little snatch in the shake.


  1. Take the middle finger and the ring finger of your left hand and place them on the right side of your neck and slightly pull them over your right shoulder and arm and continue over the fingers. Shake off the energies of your left hand three times. Do the same with your right hand over your left arm starting from the neck.


  1. Place the same fingers of both hands as far up on the back as you can reach. Pull them down over your back and down on the back side of your legs, and under your feet one at the time. Shake the energies of both hands three times.
    Now you’re finished and can enjoy your clean good energies. This can be repeated as often as you want to.

Colors meanings and influence


Every day we make choices about colors. We are all drawn to different colors. Sometimes we don’t even realize that we choose the same color every day.
That can be a choice of which color of clothes you wear today or which color you buy your apple or pepper in. It can be which color you choose for your soap or your towels or decorations in your home

Colors have healing powers that can help treat and prevent diseases, or correct any imbalances within your body. Crystals have the same affect with their color property . Even blind people are affected by color, as their bodies can still register the impact of its energy at a cellular level

Why you are drawn to a specific color depends on what you need or what color your aura is in.
Colors you want can of course change from one day to another, depending on your mood of the day. But you can see over time that some colors a special to you

Right now I’m drawn to yellow. I want yellow for everything. I like to draw my paintings in yellow and I like yellow flowers among many things.
I even spent my weekend out in the Swedish yellow rapsfält inhaling and taking photos.
Yellow has to do with your solar plexus chakra and that is my weak point. Yellow color also is associated with creativity and spirituality.
Different colors respond to different chakras.

Believing in spirituality

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Believing in spirituality
When you believe in spirituality you will see it or feel it or even hear it.
Even though many people tend to twist that around.
The reason children are so good in seeing magic, is because they look for it.
Put your trust in the universe and you will get access to the fountain of spiritual wisdom

I began to se spirits when I was a young child. I saw older men that I talked to and as I didn’t understand spirits I was sure it was santa  I was quite old when I stopped believing in santa, 10 years old in fact . But because no one believed in me and no one believed in santa I pushed my abilities away. For years I didn’t think of spirituality other than true dreams. I never stopped dreaming true dreams so I went to the library reading all there was about dreams and how to interpret them.
Then when I got older and had my children I started to see spirits again because then I was ready. And all experiences from my childhood past came back to me and I remembered and believed again. It must have been my kids that reminded me
Ever since, my abilities have just kept growing and growing.

Daily reiki routine

My best daily routine is to give myself healing every day.  I try to do it the same time every day, but if that can’t be done I do it another time that day.

The procedure:

  • I start light a candle, mostly white
  • I open the window to get some fresh air
  • I turn on quiet healing music
  • I clean the room with the reiki symbol CKR and an incense stick
  • I cleanse myself with the stick
  • I load the room with energies using all six reiki symbols, one symbol for one wall
  • I close the window
  • I place out my crystals I want to use
  • I open up my chakras one by one, both with my vision and witch my hand circling three rows counterclockwise
  • Now I start doing reiki


To become one with your higher self, you have to find inner peace and fulfillment in life.

Good routines is a must.

As Aristotele said, “quality is not an act, it’s a habit”.

Letting go of ego

Letting go of ego

“When ego is lost, limit is lost. You become infinite, kind and beautiful.” — Yogi Bhajan

Three ways of letting go of your ego:
1) Choose love
2) Surrender your need of control
3) Be grateful

When you let go of ego you give Reiki with unconditionally love. With that love, wanting to help to heal you get amazing results.
I send distance healing worldwide and always have happy and helped people. Letting go of ego makes me more focus and and sensitive to feel the other person receiving.
May you have a beautiful day


Sleeping problems
Many people suffer from insomnia. That can be very stressful which makes it even harder to fall asleep.
To break the circle you can try this exercise
It’s a breathing and counting exercise.
Count backwards.

When you do this it makes it easier for you to let go of your thoughts and come to rest.
Notice the power of your thoughts
Begin counting quietly backwards from 199
Say “100” when breathing in,
and “99” when breathing out
Continue and count down to zero.
Do it slowly.
Proceed until you fall asleep or start all over again.
If your attention walks away, notice it and then continue where you were.
This I have tried and it has helped me a lot some periods. When counting backwards, my thoughts are stilled and I stop thinking.

If you are really stressed you can take a relaxing bath before you go to bed.
If you have Reiki level 2 or more you can write the energy symbols on your bed.

Good luck
Wish you a wonderful day and a night with sweet dreams

Three things to heal other than people

You can heal many things. You don’t just have to think about people and animals.

Here is three other things to heal:  🍏🌱

1) Your food, you can heal every meal before you eat
2) Electronics, broken phones, computers etc
3) Plants, indoors and outdoors

So how do you do it?
Everyone has healing floating through them
Everyone can give healing. If you have no education in reiki or other healing techniques you just place your hands around it and think love and light. Think happy thoughts with an intention to heal.
If you have reiki I, you open up for it and place your hands around and do the same.
If you have reiki II or more you can use your symbols.
The more you practice the better you become

What do you heal other than people?

Wish you a magical healing day

How to close your chakras

Your chakras are your spiritual and and vital life force energy centers.

Here is a quick guide to everyone how you can close you’re chackras, so you don’t have to feel in others energies and let them drain you. This will give you much more energy in your everyday life 🌼

1) take three deep breaths and relax

2) you have seven main chakras in your body. Think of them as lotus flowers. If yo want you can think of them as the color of each chakra.

3) if you have Reiki level 2 write the symbol CKR in your palm and if you are a master write the master energy symbol in your hand.
If you don’t have reiki its ok it will work well anyway.

4) put your palm in front of your root chakra. You shall always start from the bottom. Move your hand clockwise three turns and visualize the flower slowly closes. Let it take som time and feel in your chakra.

5) do the same at the rest of the chakras and finish with the crown chakra.

6) put your hands together in a prayer pose in front of your heart chakra. Rub your hands for a couple of seconds. Open the hands and gently blow at them.

7) now if you want to feel extra closed and protected you can visualize that you have a shell of light around you

This is only one method. There are many other ways too.