How You Can Ditch Anxiety In Minutes!


Anxiety and worry is probably the most common problem there is out there.

If you are feeling anxious and are worrying today. I want you to do something for me…

This is one very specific way of instantly change your state of mind as I once learned by Tony Robbins.

Positive affirmations are our mental vitamins and manifest positive thoughts into the universe. But, affirmations aren’t always enough. We are often told that to change our feelings, we just need to change our mind. But that isn’t the whole truth.

Emotions is created by motion.

The number one way to change the way you feel and your state of mind right now, is to change your body, the way you move.

The way you move your physical body, is the fastest way to change your emotions.

If I said to there is a totally depressed person outside your door right now. And for a hundred thousand dollars, you should guess the body posture of this person, you would probably give me an accurate answer…

Most people would say this person is slumped over and has a shallow breathing. Where is this persons head and ayes? Most people would say down. And where is this persons facial expressions, are the muscles and face-pull up and tight, or down and slack? Again most people will say slack…

You know what that means?
– That you associate this posture and movement with depression.
So when you yourself has this this body posture, was signals will this send to your brain?
– That you are depressed.

So I want you to do this for me right now if you feel down…

Stand up tall right now, breathing fully and relax in your shoulders, let them fall down.

Look up at your ceiling, still standing tall breathing slow and fully.

What I want you to do right now is something really ridiculous. Put a HUGE  silly smile on your face.

Nobody is noticing you, you’re by yourself so don’t cheat, put a huge and silly smile on your face and look up in the ceiling.

Now what I want you to do, is while keeping this position without changing your facial expression, try feeling depresses and down.

It’s pretty hard isn’t it?

How come that it’s harder feeling depressed standing tall with a big grin on your face?

The answer is because you are sending a totally different message to your brain.

The way we move our facial muscles, the way we gesture, the way we physically walk, the pace at which we talk, determine how we feel in any given moment.

If you don’t like the way you’re feeling, and you´re telling yourself “I feel good I feel good I feel good”, your brain won’t believe you, thats simply not enough.

You also need to change the way you are moving.

Love and light,